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Certainly it is now true to say that women who fit into the plus size category are demanding attention, and getting it, when it comes to being dressed exceptionally fashionably. They seek plus size fashion advice.

Gone are the days of only being able to purchase drab, ill fitting, and bland garments that do nothing to flatter the curvaceous nature of our bodies. Gone are the days when real style was only available to smaller sized garments.


It’s now common knowledge that there is indeed a larger market for women who might require clothing sized 14 and over, in fact, some statistics have shown that as many as 50% fit this category.

This is great, and more and more plus size fashion advice is available both in our stores and online. Women now understand that time is precious and we want to make the right choices without wasting precious time, so plus size fashion is becoming more and more necessary.

In providing the latest plus size fashion tips, one of the very important aspects to a woman’s overall appearance when enjoying a plus size figure, is to choose the ideal fit for undergarments.

There are many styles of undergarments that give control to our figures which of course, makes any garment we wear look that much better. Not only do we look better, we also feel better too, knowing that we have received good quality and current fashion trends, which has helped our overall appearance.

Whilst plus size fashion might centre on our public day wear, it is important to remember our intimate wear as well, when we are in the privacy of our own homes.

The key here is femininity. Choosing feminine plus size lingerie and sexy nightgowns and robes can do wonders for our overall sense of wellbeing – don’t forget to pick up some kegel balls also. Pretty lacy camisoles with matching lacy briefs can inspire us to new heights of intimacy. This indeed, is excellent fashion advice.

And it is not only the garments we wear that enhance our overall appearance. We can look to other accessories such as scarves, belts, hats, gloves, shawls and jewellery to add to the overall picture.

Most plus size fashion tips will include mention of the importance of these accessories, and there are many magazines available both online and offline which show us exactly how to go about accessorising our garments.

It is the difference between something plain, and then something plain with an added touch, which truly can change the entire look. Imagine the difference between wearing a plain black belt with a pair of jeans, to wearing a colourful scarf as a belt.

Naturally the eyes are drawn to the colour, and this is what good plus size fashion advice is all about.

We must not forget footwear. Footwear can make or break an outfit. Good plus size fashion advice will point out that it is worthwhile spending the time and the money on good comfortable shoes that add style.


And to have different shoes available for different occasions. Stores have end of season sales and this is the perfect time to stock up on a variety of shoes. Hip fashion trends will say to go for that good quality pair of black winter leather boots, even though these might be expensive, they make such a statement.

Finally, plus size fashion advice will include a mention about nails, makeup and hair styles. Seek out the experts for this advice and follow it, since these people are professionals in what they do. You can never have too much plus size fashion tips.

So, shop wisely and feel beautiful! Your deserve it.


5 Tips for Buying a Paintball Gun

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If you’re planning on playing a lot of paintball, you may consider purchasing your own paintball gun for all these occasions. The following are some tips for you to consider when looking for new paintball guns, and to help you decide whether or not this investment is right for you. 1) Cost:

Very inexpensive guns ($50 and under) are available, but these can break quickly. Guns in the $60 to $150 price range will give you good value for the money. These guns will generally be a little slower and noisier to use.


Guns costing $200 to $300 will give you a great deal of ‘bang for your buck’. These are guns at the higher end of the spectrum, and will be able to shoot farther distances at a faster pace, and they are the least noisy.

2) Speed:How fast will the gun shoot? This is very important and will improve the accuracy of your shots.

3) Distance: How far can you shoot? It’s obvious enough why this point is important.

4) Can You Upgrade? Many cheaper models of paintball guns can be modified and altered to make them shoot faster are farther. This can save you buying a whole new gun in the future.

5) Reliability: How long will the gun last? Paintball guns costing less than fifty dollars will end up costing you more in the long run; it is no fun to have your gun break or malfunction in the middle of a game. The more expensive models will last much longer, saving money in the long run.

Consider these factors, along with your budget, when purchasing a new gun. If you keep these things in mind and shop smart, you should end up with a purchase you’re happy with! NOTE: Do online research! Make a table listing make, model, price, and features that you want in a gun. When you have completed your research, it should be clear which gun you want, and where you want to purchase it.